casper 2012

CASPER, without any doubt one of the most hyped German artists of the last two years, shared details on his upcoming album. In 2011 the German rapper released his album XOXO and revolutionized the country’s hiphop scene by combining hiphop with rock/postrock/indie tunes. With this – and mainly very in-depth lyrics – he became the voice of a generation. Now he is about to write his follow-up album and shared interesting information.

First, Benjamin Griffey aka. CASPER teamed up with producer Markus Ganter, who also produced Psycho Boy Happy, the latest album by indierockers SIZARR. Second, Konstantin Gropper (mastermind of the amazing GET WELL SOON) helps working on CASPER‘s new album.

Many people now ask wether the new album will sound like XOXO? Or like CASPER‘s debut album Hin Zur Sonne? Or maybe even like Halbe Mille? Benjamin has the answer: the new album will sound like none of them! And that’s also the reason why he teamed up with Konstantin Gropper and Markus Ganter. And maybe that’s also the reason why they are working on the new material basement that pretty much looks and feels like a dungeon.

The anticipation is rising and with this once again the pressure grows. The first song of XOXO was titled Der Druck Steigt (“the pressure grows”) – the video can be watched right here:

You can also watch CASPER‘s videos Michael X and So Perfekt below:

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