Our Ceasing Voice - Photo by Matthias Heschl

Photo by Matthias Heschl

Austrian postrock band OUR CEASING VOICE is about to release a brand new studio album on January 18th. It will be entitled The Day Last November and every interested follower can expect huge postrock moments on it. A while ago the band shared their track His Halo In Pieces with us – a bonus song from the band’s debut EP Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky. Now, there is a brand new single called Until Your Chest Explodes which features vocals by singer Matthew Ryan. Impressive lyrics – “Suffer that a while, but hold on / Until your chest explodes” – team up with a full sound and an enjoyable video featuring various people lip-synching to the new OUR CEASING VOICE output. Watch it right here.


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postrock / ambient / shoegaze
from Innsbruck / Wien, Austria


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