Who is it?

Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann aka dreamy German slowcore two-piece KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA. After a longer hiatus they reactivated their band a few months back and already gave us delicate new music like the sweet Once In July which we debuted back in October. Never Quite Right is the latest teaser off their new LP and another must-listen for all lovers of melancholic dream pop.

Why should you listen to it?

Because not many bands are as good as mixing sadness with a certain hopeful appeal as KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA are right now. The sinister voice of singer Deniz is just way too tempting. She explains the nature of the duo’s latest song with the following words:

‘It is inspired by this Bukowski quote I wrote ‘Never Quite Right’ several years ago on the piano. During the recordings to our upcoming new album ‘Call Yourself New’. I picked this one out again and changed the arrangements while saving the mood of the song.’

What’s next?

The duo’s third full-length Call Yourself New will be released on March 24th via Better Call Rob (INgrooves/Rough Trade) and judging from the previously unleashed tunes we can expect a really haunting piece of music. If you’re not on board yet you’ll hopefully be after this clip.

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