cokiyu - 2013

Today is a day that feels quite like a dream. You probably know the days that feel like you did not really wake up. Everything seems like a movie, people talk and talk, you try to listen, but somehow things go by. Days like this need dreamy tunes to slowly wake up from that stage of a felt unsoundness of mind. The Japanese composer and songwriter COKIYU brings sounds like this. Her new track, Twinkle Way, which is a collaborative track with BATHS is the right track to be name “Sound Of The Day”.

Haku is the title of COKIYU‘s new EP, which, besides BATHS, also features collaborations with fellow Japanese beatmaker MADEGG, LASTORDER & young beats producer GESKIA! In this collaboration process, new ideas by COKIYU were born. At the same time new sounds were injected and new dimensions were created. Quite like in a dream. Do you know the feeling of having great ideas right after you woke up? Or the melodies you have in your head right after you woke up? Sure you know. Dreams often are a big inspiration for all of us.

The charming duet of COKIYU and BATHS combines sweet beats and fluffy vocals. So enjoy Twinkle Way, today’s “Sound Of The Day” and wake up well. May the song bring you great ideas,