Grant Creon - 2013

Forming a band sometimes feels more like a natural development, than a conscious decision in order to release some music. In case of GRANT CREON one simply has to state, that it took them far too long to put out their 2012 debut record, Damn Those Things, considering the fact that this band – in the earliest formation – already exists since 1999. Formed by Mattias Larsson and his brother Stefan, GRANT CREON started as an outlet for Mattias’ songwriting and grew as they met like-minded fellows Stefan Rausfält and P-O Ruppel, who at that time played in several bands in the creative network of the underground music scene in Malmö.

From there on it still took nearly 8 years until they finally released Damn Those Things. Nonetheless, this effort has been definitely worth the wait and it is with big gratification, that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents their brand-new video for You Hold It Against Me. A very fine piece of swedish americana and deeply melancholic roots-rock at its best. If you like what you see and hear, don’t forget to give Damn Those Things a spin. But for now, let’s see ‘em jamminh out their great tune You Hold It Against Me.


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