Herve - Save Me - VideoTwo weeks ago NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION reported about the very interesting new single by British electronica producer Joshua Harvey aka HERVÉ. Save Me features Katie Stelmanis from AUSTRA and marks also a new direction for the producer who was mainly known for fancy floofilling remixes and club tunes in the past. This will change with his upcoming longplayer The Art Of Disappearing – out March the 4th. The club sounds are replaced by delicate melodies, downtempo beats and some mesmerizing vocal performances from the likes of Maria Minerva, NIKI AND THE DOVE or SEASFIRE. And of course Mr. Stelmanis owns this new HERVÉ single by creating a haunting atmosphere with her unique voice. The track now also gets a spooky lo-fi music video which follows the song into the darkness. Join this trip right here.



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