imaginary war - embrace - cover

IMAGINARY WAR release their new single, Embrace, including a previously unreleased track entitled Cipher.

Dark times, dark music. The new year just started and we all are thinking about where the next months might take us to. What will happen? Will the year be a good one? Who knows. But its a fact that thinking about things like that always brings a cloudy atmosphere and the need for the right music.

So it is great that the new year starts with an extraordinary release by German synthpop act IMAGINARY WAR. Today the band releases its new single, Embrace, including a brand new bonus track entitled Cipher.

The song, Cipher, is one that couldn’t be more dark and reminds that “nothing’s forever” – listen for yourself right here:

Embrace is the second single off the album Replacing the Ghosts. In the video, the dancers perform choreographies by the renowned choreograph Roberto Scafati and present their very own interpretation of the song. Enjoy the video:



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