The Mountain Goats

Photo by D.L. Anderson

Last week we saw the release of the 14th studio album by lovely american folk institution THE MOUNTAIN GOATS. Now, the group around mastermind John Darnielle is once again a topic for our site since they’ve released a really interesting music video for a track from Transcendental Youth. The song Cry For Satan and its lyrics deal – in the words of Darnielle – with “building a vehicle from the defeated pieces of the thing you survived and piloting that vehicle through the cosmos, it’s kind of complicated but people who know what I’m talking about will kind of intuitively get the idea and the rest of you will I hope be able to get a sense of it through the song.” Everything clear? No? Well, than maybe the new clip from THE MOUNTAIN GOATS and its bizarre story will enlighten you a bit.


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folk / singer-songwriter
from Claremont, California, USA


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