Tesla Boy LIVERussian electro-pop band TESLA BOY is back with the second music video for a track from their latest single Split. We already enjoyed the fancy black and white clip for the title track back in December, now they give us one for Another Light which has – without any doubt – way more colours in it. It’s a collage of old TV material from the Soviet era. TESLA BOY mastermind Anton Sevidov on this new idea: “I’ve long had a dream to use our Soviet pop heritage for mercenary ends. First, because it’s like nothing on earth. Second, it ties us because even if we didn’t watch it, our parents did. Third, when we use it today, this soviet heritage becomes an integral part of the world’s culture as this video will be watched in Miami as well as in Novosibirsk. So let’s rave!”

With this in mind Sevidov teamed up with production team Estate & Transonic who explain their work on the clip as follow: “Anton turned me onto this hot Russian Aerobics footage and I began to fall in love with some of the woman in them. I’m crazy about footage from this area and their aerobics moves were like nothing I’d ever scene. Different than 80’s aerobics moves from the States. These old videos are the amber that preserves their beautiful faces and fit bodies in time. With this video, I hope to help give them the new life they diserve.” What a decent plan and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to present you the premiere of the clip. Watch it right here.



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