pascal pinon - twosomeness

On January 18th 2013 (February 5th in the US) PASCAL PINON will release their second album Twosomeness via Morr Music. Now a track off the album, which was recorded and produced by Alex Somers (producer of Sigur Rós and Jónsi), was unveiled. The song is entitled Þerney (One Thing) and shows that PASCAL PINON are about to enter adult life – a point usually associated with drifting apart and forgetting dreams. These girls, however, seem to be going the other direction instead: they appear to be closer, even more of an entity of its own, more of a two-headed being, less lonesome, but twosome, unified in sound. Enjoy Þerney (One Thing) and look forward to Twosomeness.

Tracklist Twosomeness
1. Ekki Vanmeta
2. Þerney (One Thing)
3. Somewhere
4. Evgeny Kissin
5. When I Can’t Sleep
6. Annar Logi
7. Kertið
8. Sumarmál
9. Bloom
10. Fernando
11. Good And Bad Things
12. Rifrildi



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