Don’t you love that sort of music video that instantly puts a smile upon your face once you stumble upon it? That’s clearly the case with Yellow Moon by Danish singer/songwriter LINE BØGH which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION happily debuts today. We briefly met the young lady last spring and this gentle new song marks a first teaser of her new studio album which is scheduled for a fall release.

Yellow Moon was directed and produced by Danish two-piece Apperaat and here’s what BØGH got to say about the track’s nature:

‘In the song, I tried to capture the sadness of a cold January evening in the city; one of these evenings where the bars are half empty because it’s freezing and it’s one of the last days in the month, so people have no money. And then I tried to find the magic in that.’

The music video obviously supports the spng’s nature as she furthermore explaines to us:

‘For me the song has a light and magical vibe to it, but there is something a bit mysterious about the lyrics. In a way, the song is about love, but not the obvious kind, it’s more strange, like it’s hiding in there. We wanted to bring in some strange and magical elements to the video; something that had to do with moons and nightlife; so we found a mirror ball and bought a lot of lemons. Apperaat had access to an old greenhouse, and we filmed there after it got dark. It started to snow pretty heavily after a while, and it was really cold, but I think it was just right for the video to have some of that Janurary cold in it. We also did some shots close to the ocean, and some of the scenes are from a museum (Kvindemuseet) in Århus.’

The result is pretty joyful and spreads a lot of love… and lemons. LINE BØGH is also heading for a small German tour next month so if you are near one of those towns below feel happily invited to stop by.

Live in Germany

11.05. – Orphus Theater, Flensburg
12.05. – Prinz Willy, Kiel
13.05. – Volksbad Buckau, Magdeburg
17.05. – Alternativer Freiraum, Pößneck
18.05. – Kulturbaustelle, Suhl
19.05. – Nussbreite, Berlin
20.05. – Blauen Fabrik, Dresden
14.06. – Forstbaumschule, Kiel
15.06. – Kaufbar Braunschweig
16.06. – Brandmarken, Jena