Sigur Ros - Leaning Towards SolaceThe best at the end, we can say – Icelandic sound masterminds SIGUR RÓS have finally revealed the last video clip for their ambitious Valtari Mystery Film Project which they have been running throughout the whole year. They’ve already announced an official winner for the competition back in October and they are also planning to screen the contributions soon in various locations. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION keeps you updated on this and is also planning to collect all the clips for you in the near future. But for now we enjoy the probably most professional entry to the contest from criticly acclaimed director Floria Sigismondi who already directed SIGUR RÓS video clips in the past. It’s called Leaning Towards Solace and it features the Hollywood stars Elle Fanning and John Hawkes plus the two songs Dauðalogn and Varúð from the band’s recent album. Fantastic sounds, hauting images and a really amazing end – witness this little masterpiece right now.


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postrock / shoegaze / ambient
from Reykjavik, Iceland


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