Tool - PromoA bit more than a week ago NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION happily reported about the currently very high chances of getting a brand new album from Alternative metal legends TOOL. Drummer Danny Carey talked about the progress of the follow-up to 2006’s 10.000 Days and it sounded quite promising to our ears. But now it looks like the writing sessions had to be delayed as two band members were involved in separate scooter crashes. As Loudwire reports the band did not identify the injured parties but whoever it is, the accidents have important impact on the whereabout of the new record. It is reported that one member suffered several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, while the other one – just days before this event – suffered a head injury and multiple cuts and bruises after a similar crash. But we can give the all-clear – the injured TOOL members are reported to recover quickly and the sessions already continued. It is furthermore rumoured that the group might announce some big news next month. So let’s cross fingers for that.