Vampire Weekend - Vampires Of The CityLooks like US indie-pop heroes VAMPIRE WEEKEND have a very uncoventional name to announce the title of their upcoming third studio album. Last Friday they already posted a cryptical Tumblr mosaic which revealed the letters MVOTC as a potential title. Today, they posted “NYT Classifies…” on their Facebook page – and now Pitchfork reports about a little entry in the “Notices Lost and Found” column of today’s New York Times which basicly says: “Modern Vampires of the City, May 7, 2013”. As previously announced the new album will be released in the U.S. on May 7 and May 6 in the UK via XL Recordings, so there is a high chance that this is indeed the new title of the record. Congrats on the promo stunt, VAMPIRE WEEKEND we’ll looking forward to the record anyway.
UPDATE: And here comes the official confirmation. It is indeed called Modern Vampires Of The City, you can see the cover to the left and the tracklisting below.

01 Obvious Bicycle
02 Unbelievers
03 Step
04 Diane Young
05 Don’t Lie
06 Hannah Hunt
07 Everlasting Arms
08 Finger Back
09 Worship You
10 Ya Hey
11 Hudson
12 Young Lion


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