As we freshly entered a new year some of us are struggling with various resolutions for the next months, right? Don’t you want to sometimes hit the ‘Delete’ button? Especially in these accelerated times with all the bullshit going on in the world while the digitalization forces us to accelerate things to a questionable degree? And that’s a bit what this song by Finnish two-piece Normal Life is about. History, memories, nazis, fences, cowardice? The answer is as simple as effective: Delete that!

The new project by Artturi Taira (aka Shivan Dragn) and Miikka Koivisto (of Disco Ensemble) already caught our attention back in December when their debut singles Spiderwebs and Violence surprised us with their pretty unique sound. The two gentlemen have quite a special way of combining old-fashioned 90s trance and mainstream dance sounds with eclectic craziness and political messages, it appears. And mixing the superficial with the smart might not be the worst idea in these days to actually attract people.

More Normal Life craziness is likely to appear over the course of 2018 and judging from the impression of these first songs the duo will most likely continue to deliver an actually surprising listening experience. Enjoy the world premiere of Delete That right here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.