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Wastelander Panda

Robert Helbig January 27, 2012

WASTELANDER PANDA is the tale of the last remaining panda in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The video featured below is the prologue which is based on a TV series Epic Films – an Adelaide, Australia-based production company – is currently developing.

The idea of this sounds and looks more than amazing, the concept seems great and for the beauty of the pictures and sounds is simply stunning and can’t be described in some words. Just watch the prologue-video of WASTELANDER PANDA and see for yourself. We are curious about this series!


Panda: Marcus McKenzie
Voiced by: Roger Newcombe
Writer/Director/Editor: Victoria Cocks
Producer: Kirsty Stark
Director of Photography: Vivyan Madigan
Costume Designer: Olivia Iacobelli
Panda Head Design: Lion of the Sun Productions:
Production Designer: Annalisa Francesca
Sound Designer: Leigh Kenyon
Composer: Chris Larkin
Makeup Artist: Eileen Brennan
Focus Puller: Maxx Corkindale
1st Assistant Director: Kelly Carpenter
VFX: Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Colourist: Daniel Principe
Lighting Assistant: David Tang
Costume Assistant: Kirrilee Stone
Additional Makeup: Monique Jones
Additional AD: Ella Macintyre
Props Buyers: Rebecca Freeman & Pia West
Cameras provided by Sam King & Darcy Sullivan

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