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Human Tetris – Happy Way In The Maze Of Rebirth

Robert Helbig February 11, 2012

Some weeks ago HUMAN TETRIS released a new song titled Insanity and told that this song will appear on their upcoming album, Happy Way In The Maze Of Rebirth. Last week, right as their European Tour with MAGNETIC POETRY started, the band released the album on the digital way. What does this album sound like? The songs Insanity and Silver Tears were (and of course still are) great indie rock songs with a slight wave-touch. Post-punk alà JOY DIVISION mixed with modern indie – danceable, dreamy and a bit depressive.

Happy Way In The Maze Of Rebirth is an album that will not leave you, at least not for the next days and weeks… It is an amazing atmosphere HUMAN TETRIS create on this album and when you listen to it it feels a bit like dancing through the band’s hometown Moscow in winter-time…

…and you keep singing “I need more time to safe you from this. I’m in it, I’m on it” (song: Cold Wind) while the wind is blowing cold in your face… but you don’t mind because you keep dancing and singing together with the band.

In my very personal opinion the song Angel (some kind of the “ballad” of Happy Way In The Maze Of Rebirth) is the song on the album…at least it is the most dreamy. “Remember us…Remember us…” – this song got me hard and has not left my head for the last week.

You can listen to the entire album here – and we highly recommend to do so! And it would be great to know what the song(s) is/are that you like most? The dreamy ones or the danceable ones? One thing is for sure: this is shoegazing post-punk at its best!


indie / rock / wave / post-punk
from Moscow / Russia

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