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Husky Rescue – Deep Forest Green

Robert Helbig July 10, 2012

Finland seems to be quite similar to Iceland. At least when it comes to music. A Northern country, with a language only few people can understand, a lot of darkness and very long winters. And at the same time: beautiful music. HUSKY RESCUE. Even the band-name sounds nordic, snowy and icy. But also wonderful, because “rescue” is always something positive.
HUSKY RESCUE exist for 10 years now, since 2002 and they still combine soft folk-elements and beautiful voices with smooth electronic beats like no-one else. In 2010 they released their latest album Ship Of Light and after this records many things changed. Singer Reeta Vestman left the band in 2011 to study music and theater. At the same time Swedish singer Johanna Kalén and the Finn Anthony Bentley entered the band. At the New York-studio Greenpoint the trio recorded their digital EP Deep Forest Green and it became the piece of music Nyberg – the head of HUSKY RESCUE – always wanted to do.

On Deep Forest Green HUSKY RESCUE mix alternative country, depressive disco and pop-music and create a very own HUSKY RESCUE-sound out of it. The band wrote great poetic lyrics and added them. Only one thing is missing: visuals. They were done by the artist Kustaa Saksi. So all in all: nothing is missing. Deep Forest Green is perfect – just like real Deep Forest Green.
In 2010 HUSKY RESCUE made my year with their song The Sound Of Love – one of my songs of 2010. Now it all feels like a déjà vu, because HUSKY RESCUE made me again deeply fall in love with one of their songs and I – again – simply can’t stop listening to it. Deep Forest Green. The whistling brings the memories of magic and I fall deep into wonderful thoughts… I’m really excited what you think about this song. If you like it you should not hesitate to check out the entire EP. You won’t regret it.



alternative / folk / electronic music / pop
from Helsinki / Finland

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