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I Used To Be A Sparrow – Luke

Robert Helbig March 13, 2012

Only some weeks ago I USED TO BE A SPARROW released their first video. The song is called Life Is Good and was hyped in the underground within a short time. If you haven’t heard this song / haven’t seen the video by now you should definitely catch this up here. The indie-pop project of Swedish songwriter Dick Pettersson and Andrea Caccese, who is also known under SONGS FOR THE SLEEPWALKERS, released an EP with two songs. Life Is Good and a B-Side track titled Mikkael – this song now got a little video, too. It is a nice little homemade video that is perfect for a B-Side song like Mikkael – enjoy the video here:

But even more important: I USED TO BE A SPARROW released their debut-album Luke. Almost everyone who listened to Life Is Good said “I’m curious about the upcoming album” and now it is here. Luke is an indie-pop album that was worth waiting for and still it is an impressing album. What you can hear on this album are on the one hand finest indie-tunes that give you the feeling of being free. At the same time every song has a great touch of pop music and all you can do is dancing…and if you can’t dance because you are at work or simply somewhere where it is now possible to dance, you still will do – right in your heart. And it feels so right…

Some more important things: Mikkael is not on the album, it is “only” the B-Side of the Life Is Good EP. What would be nice to know is what your favourite track on the album is. I guess mine is Moby Dick, since I love how they sing “I thought it was the only way out…” – this is, at least in my very personal opinion, the song that is over the top. But as you know: tastes are different. I keep singing “I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it now. I thought it was the only way out…” and dance in my heart towards the setting sun…

Keep in mind that I USED TO BE A SPARROW will tour Europe together with SONGS FOR THE SLEEPWALKERS in June. During this tour Andrea and Dick will play the songs from their debut-album Luke as acoustic-set. But currently they are also rehearsing as full band and prepare for a full European-Tour in Autumn. Don’t need to mention that they will conquer the world, right?



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