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Posttod – Moon

Robert Helbig February 28, 2012

The electronic music act POSTTOD seem have switched their location. About a year ago we featured their debut-single Dead In The Universe, was located in Spain. Now, about one year later, they have move and are currently residing in Sweden. It might be nothing special that things change and that people move, but moving from Spain to Sweden, means not only to move from one location to another, it also means to move from a warm area to a much colder. Moving from a country where the sun shines a lot to a country where the winters are long and hard. So yes, things change, but what has not changed is their amazing music. Kevin Mortensen and Hayk Ananyan are back with their 7-track album Moon, an album that we listened to over and over again, an album that made our week – our album of the week.

With their album Moon POSTTOD bring a dreamy atmosphere, with beautiful ambience and also very energetic and danceable songs with great vibes of electronic pop music. According to their name “POSTTOD” – which refers to the things that might come after death (“Tod” is the German Word for “death”) – I have to say, that if this album shows what comes after life, nobody has to be afraid…


from Sweden

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