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Rosemary – A Persian Tale

Robert Helbig April 26, 2012

The story of how I got to ROSEMARY, what I thought about them first, what I think about them now and what they are to me now is a pretty impressive one. And to some kind it is weird and funny – at least I think it is. So why not telling you my story to introduce you to this Danish/Iranian electronic music duo?

It all started with the decision to visit this year’s SPOT FESTIVAL. During the preparations for this amazing festivals we listened to every band that plays the festival and so I – to be honest more or less accidentally – stumbled upon ROSEMARY‘s video Sleep Alone. And my first reaction was like “oh that’s nasty, that hurts.” Some seconds later it got me that hard that I thought that this might be not bad, but interesting. So I decided to put them on my list of interesting acts. Later I checked this list again (I always double-check things like this to make sure that it wasn’t my mood that made me like strange things) and this time this song directly catched me. So I checked out their homepage and found out that:

1. ROSEMARY is a Danish/Iranian duo making electronically based music.
2. ROSEMARY is the Iranian singer Sahar and the Danish producer Lasse.
3. Sahar grew up in the golden Tehran, Iran and fled to Denmark at the age of 5.
4. Lasse grew up in the suburbs of cold Copenhagen, Denmark and that he makes films as well as music.
5. ROSEMARY was formed in 2009.
6. ROSEMARY released their debut EP A Persian Tale in December 2011 and that this EP is downloadable for free.

You definitely have to check out the video to Sleep Alone, a song that’s beat might remind a bit of CARIBOU but much more mysterious – and in combination with that voice the song simply can’t be more special. A voice that can’t be higher, a voice that can’t hurt more, a voice that – when you’ll hear it the first time – will make you think “WTF!?” But trust me, once you give them a chance this duo won’t leave your head again – you’ll fall in love with their tunes.

Isn’t it great that also the video is completely weird? I mean, what happens there? A guy starting a stopwatch in the moment the beat starts, looking at a obviously singing dead body. Suddenly she is standing, moving strange and in the moment he stops the stopwatch she collapses. Dead. And what is he doing? Yes, he slavers and checks the stopwatch. This is so strange that it is amazing. A video that doesn’t tell a big story, a song that doesn’t sound beautiful in the usual sense, but a combination that shows that this is art. And art doesn’t have to be beautiful at the first sight. Art can be hard, art can hurt. Art can be shocking. The logic of beauty is another one when it comes to art.

ROSEMARY are all of this. They are hard in a very special sense, they hurt in a special sense and they shock in a special sense. The beauty of what they do might not be visual for everyone at the first sight. But you can understand all this when you give it a chance. Like always when it comes to art. Even more they prove all this in the official film to their EP A Persian Tale. Check it out if you like…but be warned: this is harder than you might expect.

So of course I checked out the entire A Persian Tale EP – and you can do so, too…the EP is streamed below and can be downloaded for free on ROSEMARY‘s homepage. Located somewhere between KRAFTWERK and CARIBOU, between dark-ambient and IDM ROSEMARY create something new. Something that is mysterious and cold, something that tells you that “you cannot dance. you cannot sing. you cannot smile. you cannot live.” (in the song Facts) – and I think for yourself “damn this is genius.”

The EP ends with the song Friends in which Sahar sings “my friends keep saying I’m foreign.” But when I listen to the record the only one who really feels foreign is me, because this all feels so new to me. New but interesting, I want more of it, since I can’t get enough of it right now. So it’s ok if someone says I’d be foreign, because I feel well with the A Persian Tale EP – and that’s what it all is about, right? Feeling well, even if you cannot dance, you cannot sing, you cannot smile, you cannot live.

Even if The Persian Tale “only” is an EP it has to be honored as our album of the week. Really looking forward to seeing ROSEMARY at SPOT FESTIVAL in Åarhus, Denmark.



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