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Robert Helbig May 1, 2012

slow magic

When SLOW MAGIC released his first songs and videos in 2011 (yes 2011, last year…still a pretty young project) I somehow stumbled upon these and was completely flashed from the very first moment. And this because of different reasons, which in sum make the music even more special to me. First of all – and most obvious for sure – this one man electronic music project is done by a guy that stays anonymous. All that we know is that he is from the USA, that he hides behind an animal mask and that he describes his music as “the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend.” And this is exactly what it feels like – familiar, warm…like made by a friend who knows how to touch your heart.

After four videos – which you all can check out below – SLOW MAGIC now released his debut-album entitled . This album is one of my personal highlights in the musical 2012 by now. It is of amazingly dreaminess and brings the feeling of wanting to dance with closed eyes towards the setting sun at a warm summer-evening. Of standing kneedeep in the sea and watching the sun set and don’t want to let fo this feeling. So when Music – the last song on stops, all you want to do is to start the album again, just because you like the feeling these songs bring to you…

Although 4 of these 8 songs where already released, SLOW MAGIC‘s debut-album has a lot of new things on it. 8 songs that take me away and that will take you away, too. Promised. Just click play, close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest…

What would be interesting to know is if the music lets you feel different things when it is supported by pictures. You should give it a try by listening to a song with closed eyes and then listen to the same song by watching the video that belongs to it. For the song Youths for example I feel different things. The song itself makes me want to close my eyes and dream and dance away for ever. Supported by the video my dreams and thoughts become much clearer – suddenly I start thinking about my own youth and all the youths I ever wanted to live, but never did – or never had the chance to. But these thoughts don’t leave me ill-humoured, it is just a “what I experienced made me to what I am now. If I would not have experienced all these things, I wouldn’t sit here listen to this beautiful album and write about it.” And this is why SLOW MAGIC is special to me – because what this unknown friend shows with his debut-album is that we all are the product of all past experiences, that we continuously change and that in the end all we have is the moment we are living right now…so close your eyes and dream…



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