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Interpol unveil hypnotic The Field rework of ‘Same Town, New Story’

Axel Willner is spreading his magic once again.
NBHAP News Team December 12, 2014

Interpol 2014 620x433 Interpol unveil hypnotic The Field rework of Same Town, New StoryAfter already giving away the previously unreleased song What Is What as a free download with their new single Everything Is Wrong, New York’s INTERPOL are not done yet with freebies. The trio just released a series of posters designed by Shepard Fairey (who also did the artwork for their 2004 LP Antics), accompanied by an epic rework of the El Pintor song Same Town, New Story.

Swedish electronic producer Axel Willner aka THE FIELD stretched the piece up to eleven minutes, spreading is well-known hypnotic magic all over it. And even better – it’s up for free download right here. And don’t miss your chance to win one of the fancy posters right here as well.


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