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Julia Holter presents video for Goddess Eyes II

Norman Fleischer November 30, 2012

Julia Holter Goddess Eyes II 300x168 Julia Holter presents video for Goddess Eyes IILike the unwritten law of movie blockbusters – every great first part needs a second one. Beloved experimental pop singer JULIA HOLTER might thought the same. After releasing a video for her track Goddess Eyes I a while ago she now released one for the second part of the song. Both tracks are taken from this year’s Ekstasis which soon will be re-released as extended edition. The two Goddess Eyes‘ will also be released as special 10-inch-single. The clip was – according to director Yelena Zhelezov – inspired by the Latin phrase “deus ex machina.” It was directed “in tribute to Euripides and the literary spirit of the song,” she stated. Watch the video right here.



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