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Omar Souleyman announces new Four Tet-produced album Wenu Wenu

Norman Fleischer July 18, 2013
Omar Souleyman Photo by Hisham Bharoocha 300x200 Omar Souleyman announces new Four Tet produced album Wenu Wenu

Photo by Hisham Bharoocha

This is a highly enjoyable and quite grooving culture clash – Syrian musician OMAR SOULEYMAN teamed up with British electronica mastermind Kieran Hebden, better knwon as FOUR TET. Together the two artists produced a new album which is called Wenu Wenu. It will be released October the 22nd via Ribbon Music. It features seven tracks that act like a perfect mixture of OMAR SOULEYMAN‘s Arabian songwriting and FOUR TET‘s western electronica. Definitely a release to look forward to – experience a first trailer for it right now.


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