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The Poster Boy release video to title-track Melody

Robert Helbig September 15, 2012

THE POSTER BOY is a Budapest, Hungary-based project. During the summer of 2011, the veterans of the Budapest indie scene joked about putting together some songs, and within a few months they found themselves with an album.
In January 2012, THE POSTER BOY digitally released eight songs with the record-title Things We Had Time For. A record that hearkens back to the days when bands thought in terms of albums, not just singles. Things We Had Time For reflects the members’ common love of classic pop music, with the overall sound and approach being unapologetically pop. The band doesn’t strive to reinvent music; only to write and record good songs.
In this year’s August, the band released Melody, their debut CD (via Firestation Records and Bell Boy Productions). The CD features three new tracks as well as six tracks from Things We Had Time For.
Now the Hungarian indie pop band released a video to their album’s title track, Melody. Enjoy!



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