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Sound of the Day: Scraps of Tape – ‘Hands In Hands’

The Sound of the Day comes 'Hands In Hands ' from the North.
Robert Helbig May 28, 2014
Scraps of Tape 2014 Photo by Henrik Hulander 620x413 Sound of the Day: Scraps of Tape   Hands In Hands

SCRAPS OF TAPE – Photo by Henrik Hulander

Another sound of the day from the North. SCRAPS OF TAPE‘s new video Hands In Hands, taken from their their fifth album Sjätte Vansinnet (out now via Tenderversion).

The Swedish band formed in 2001. Even back then, one could discern the beauty in the mix that the early releases consisted of, a fascination for noise, agonizing melodies, godlike post-rock fused with heavy hardcore – in a big melting pot. And always with the heart on the sleeve. This has continued and evolved into a well-oiled machine that produces the finest of rock music. Hands in Hands now is the second single taken from the latest album, Sjätte Vansinnet. The video was shot by Jonas Börkesson, who tells:

For me, Scraps of Tape is all about feelings. You feel it in your entire body. Which also is some- thing I always strive for in my videos, because I think I’m a very emotional person. The idea of the video for ‘Hands In Hands’ was to get the dirty, analog 90’s feeling. Which led to the idea to film the video with my relative’s old Video 8 camcorder. I wanted to capture the feeling of a clas- sic Scraps concert. Black and white, dirty, powerful, emotional and up close. The video is filmed during a concert in Gothenburg. There is probably no better place to make a video for Scraps of Tape than on a stage, because they are one of the best live acts in Sweden.

As already stated in the album review There can be no doubt: SCRAPS OF TAPE are fully in shape and highly aware of what their ability is: crashing tunes, fragile melody, unswerving power. Hands In Hands proves this one more time. ‘It’s important to stand up and fight’, the band states. It’s important to listen to this band, we say.


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