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Gates – You Are All You Have Left To Fear

Robert Helbig July 3, 2012
 Gates   You Are All You Have Left To Fear

Last year this amazing rock-band from New Brunswick released its debut-album The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home. Now they are back! GATES released their new album You Are All You Have Left To Fear. Again GATES create enormous soundscapes with guitar lines that make the music’s atmosphere float between soft and powerful. Again the lyrics are very introspective. And again, like The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home, You Are All You Have Left To Fear is neither negative nor depressing. Deep lyrics combined with hopeful-sounding melodies. An album everybody will fall in love with who likes deep-thinking moments.

gates YouAreAllYouHaveLeftToFear 300x300 Gates   You Are All You Have Left To Fear

If you are into 90s emo-music and often miss the heart and the passion in nowadays releases, you should check out GATES‘ new output. Probably you know what I mean when I say that many of today’s records sound as if they had been produced to death. Many artists sound – when recorded – simply boring, as if they had been washed with too much softener. It is the passion that I often miss when I listen to nowadays rock-bands. But GATES sound different. They bring a well produced album on which they seem to have captured all the passion other bands only can share with their audience at live-shows. GATES share exactly this passion on You Are All You Have Left To Fear. At the same time their new album will show you that there is only one thing you really have to fear: yourself. So confront yourself with that fear and become unbreakable.
There are not many bands that are able to sound desperate and at the same time positive. GATES prove that it is possible to combine passionate sounds with heartbreaking lyrics without sounding suicidal. When it comes to music like this GATES offer perfection. More honesty is simply not possible.



rock / ambient / indie
from New Brunswick, USA

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