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Miike Snow – The Wave

Norman Fleischer June 27, 2012

Photo by Jörgen Ringstrand

When we see the bright and shiny celebrities of mainstream pop with all their catchy tunes and high quality video productions we’re often forgetting about the people behind such success – and no, we’re not talking about the make up artists or sleazy managements. But let’s face it: despite such positive exceptions like LADY GAGA or ROBYN most pop starlets like RIHANNA, KATY PERRY or Co. might not be the best songwriters in the world. But there’s a team too behind such chart toppers … Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg and Adrew Wyatt were once one of them until they decided to step out of the background and onto the mainstage.

The two Swedish songwriters met their American collegue back in 2004 while they were working on music for BRITNEY SPEARS – they are actually the guys behind the grammy-winning hit Toxic. After writing music for artists like MADONNA or KELIS the three musicians took the risk to became popstars by themselves: MIIKE SNOW was born. Their first self-titled record got positive feedback in 2009, featuring the hits Animal and Black And Blue and a triumphal procession around the globe. Piano-driven pop with catchy melodies and way more class than their former entrepreneurs – looks like MIIKE SNOW achieved their goal.

The follow-up record Happy To You gives the lo-fi-pop from these three guys way more space, quality and ideas. On top of it the boys present a crazy video concept that is build around the idea of aliens experimenting with people to create the ‘perfect human’. Sounds crazy, well just have a look at the clip for Paddling Out and you might probably understand it a bit more. The new clip for The Wave catches up with the story of this strange big nosed guy that is meant to represent perfection. Who knows If this is a hint on the old customers of these three talented songwriters.



indie / electropop
from Stockholm, Sweden

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