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Sky Ferreira – Ghost EP

Robert Helbig October 21, 2012
Sky Ferreira - Ghost EP - cover


1. Sad Dream
2. Lost in My Bedroom
3. Ghost
4. Red Lips
5. Everything is Embarrassing

SKY FERREIRA released her new EP, Ghost, and tries to make everything right on it. Five songs that couldn’t be more different. Still five songs that are, taken on their own, great ones, but all in all her Ghost EP has no face – quite like a ghost. The EP starts with the song Sad Dream which is a beautiful alt folk song. The second song, Lost In My Bedroom is an electropop song with a stomping beat and a sound that fits SKY FERREIRA best. The title track Ghost is again a sad folk song, which is beautiful, but which confuses the listener: who is SKY FERREIRA? A folk singer or an electropop act? She can do both, but she should decide. At least in my opinion. The next song, Red Lips is neither an electropop nor a folk song, it is much more an alternative rock song with grunge influences. A question of taste, but in my opinion a song that shouldn’t be on this EP. The EP closes with Everything Is Embarrassing which was previously released as single – a pop song with a catchy and atmospheric 80s beat.

Without any doubt, SKY FERREIRA is a great singer, but on her new EP Ghost she simply lost her face, since it is simply impossible to get who she really is. She should focus on what fits her best or on what she likes most, otherwise it feels like she’s got a split personality – with an amazing voice.

You can listen to the entire Ghost EP here and to the songs Red Lips and Everything is Embarrassing below.


from New York, United States

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