bombee - jena

Jena is a small city in the center of Germany – 100.000 inhabitants and almost 30.000 of them are students. So what to do on a saturday evening in a young city like Jena? The local concert group BandsPrivat invited to a free show with BOMBEE, a band I like a lot and a band that’s tour was presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. So I took the chance to see the band – for free.

The place was crowded, the club was packed. Because of the band or because “the party” was for free? Well, I wasn’t sure, but I wished all the people were there to see the band. After the support act, that (to say it softly) was quite boring, BOMBEE entered the stage. The band played a mix of old songs and songs that are taken from their upcoming album. Old songs like P________ and _______LS work live even more perfect than on the record, but it was the new material that literally blew me away. BOMBEE used to be two people, but grew up to a four-piece, what really helps to make their live performance even more impressive. What BOMBEE proved was, that they know who they are and that they exactly know what they do. A band that’s 100% in the moment and that delivers the musical zeitgeist.

But the evening lacked of one thing. Talking people while the band played its set of quiet music. People with their back to the stage, showing no interest to the music. It might be a thing of personal taste, but I hold the opinion that it’s a matter of respect towards musicians and towards people who like to enjoy a concert, to not “crash” a show like this. As cool as free shows can be, there’s the possibility that a lot of people show up just because it’s for free and not because they are interested in the music. At least in a small city like Jena, where young people don’t have a lot of good choices when it comes to going out in the evening…

Even better to see that a lot of people showed up because of the music and great to see that they enjoyed the show a lot. Even if it would have been much better to not get the mood crashed by ingrates. BOMBEE got me, again – and a lot of other people, too. And when you experience them live, they’ll probably get you, too.

However, BOMBEE have been great and it’s definitely worth to keep an eye on them. Quite possibly that they big things will happen to them this year.