Burial - Truant / Rough Sleeper (2012)

BURIAL Truant / Rough Sleeper

1. Truant
2. Rough Sleeper



Let’s face it – in a world full of transparency and a weird urge of our society to desperately present themselves and their lifes in certain images and roles there are only a few secrets left. Especially in a special little universe like the music culture. It’s always a bit about images, styles and reprensentation – no matter how much the focus lies on the music itself. And of course, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a rule as old as the business itself. And NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is always happy when there are talented artists who decide to break out of the system. A lot of young and upcoming artists like RHYE, HOLY OTHER or STUMBLEINE decided to hide their faces and personalities behind their sound and images. And this appetite for abstractation might continue within the next months – but there is still one person who might be the prototype for this tendency. The godfather of popmusical phantoms it seems and the most consequent one of them all: BURIAL.

Allthough his real name – William Bevan – has surfaced on the internet a while ago, not much besides this fact is known about the man from London. Even close friends of him might not know that he produces such an outstanding sound – a sound that combined dubstep, UK garage, electronica, ambient and many other influences already years ago into something completely new. BURIAL‘s music is as unique as his ghost-like identity – it’s like a sponge that soaks in every thinkable influence. And since Bevan decided to not play live or attend any promo dates his music totally speaks for itself. And quite often this music comes out of nowhere like the new double single Truant / Rough Sleeper. Only announced a bit more like a week ago it is – once again – an outstanding example of BURIAL‘s abilities.

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Fans have been long waiting for a new studioalbum – it’s been five years since the fantastic Untrue – and since than BURIAL only released a collaboration with FOUR TET and THOM YORKE and two EP’s, one of them – Kindred – already in 2012. So, although the new output only includes two tracks, it has a play time of almost twenty five minutes. And each of the two tracks is a very unique ride that is actually more than just one simple extended song. These tunes constantly change their atmosphere, having different chapters and parts within each other. So, it almost sounds like BURIAL combined different ideas and concepts into one song. And altough some aspects – the dark atmosphere, the pitched vocal samples, all these tiny cracks and clicks – are familiar to fans of the producer, he’s still constantly progressing his sound by including new aspects like a very euphoric 90s rave siren in Truant or the bright bells in Rough Sleeper.

This new EP – and it actually feels like one, if you ask us – is probably BURIAL‘s most ambitious work so far. And the most abstract one. Of course, he creates his well-known and loved atmosphere but he’s constantly interested in breaking it down too within just one song. There is a certain sense of disturbence in the typical darkness – a gloomy shimmer, more spooky as before. It’s a sound to discover – and one that soakes through your bones and ears with hypnotic grooves and manifold ideas. The journey is not over for BURIAL and his concept, that much is for sure. And we couldn’t think of a better news at the end of a wild musical year 2012.



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