Schnipo Schranke - Photo by Robin Hirsch

Photo by Robin Hirsch

Schnipo Schranke

What the name means: Sounds like a fantasy name but ‘Schnipo’ actually means ‘Schnitzel’ + Fries (aka ‘Pommes) with ‘Schranke’ (‘barrier’) being a common term for taking ketchup and mayonnaise with your meal. Got it?
Where they come from: Hamburg
What it sounds like: Lo-Fi Riot Grrl chansons with a love for vulgarity.
What it’s all about: ‘Come into my arms, come into my mouth’ sing Daniela Reis and Fritzi Ernst in the track Intensiv. Any more examples? The duo’s track Pisse was one of Germany’s indie hits of the year, including lines like ‘Tell why it tastes like piss when I kiss you down under?’ It’s the musical ambivalent of the famous book/movie Wetlands, it seems. And even if you don’t understand every dirty detail it’s still quite catchy pop music, we must say.