ilydaen - disgressions


1. Rewind
2. Grinding Calls
3. Timeline
4. Tormented Stones
5. Lifeline
6. Flavors

From Belgium hails this awesome post-rock band called ILYDAEN. Heroism and ubiquity are concepts floating on the post-rock style, slightly affected by a dose of post-hardcore. The band takes the listener far away into an alternate dimension, where emotions converge to achieve the ultimate symbolic – which is the otherworldliness.

Created in 2009 by Daniel on guitar, Erik on Bass and Anthony on drums; they are inspired by bands like RUSSIAN CIRCLES, MOGWAI or ISIS. ILYDAEN‘s post-rock becomes furious and at the same time reflexive. After their debut EP Exordium which is available for free on the Internet, in 2012 their first LP entitled Digressions was released. Further the band also achieved its first European Tour during July 2012, perfoming a dozen of gigs in a row.

Disgression was released via Dunk!Records and Wolves And Vibrancy Records and can be heard right here:



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