1. Aurora Borealis
2. On The Moon (Together)
3. Me And The Animals (feat. Sobrenadar)
4. Why Are We Here?
5. Butterflies
6. Sleeping In Alaska
7. Eskimos (The Ritual)
8. My Years

We can fly so take my hand, let’s do it together.”

An offer we definitely take with much delight. Especially in the case it was made by a great musician as Ezequiel de la Parra alias LOS JARDINES DE BRUSELAS. The line above is taken from his single Why Are We Here? – a track from his sophomore album Light and Glow which was already released at the end of September. De La Parra is a 25 years old multi-instrumentalist who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He records every song in his home studio and says about them: “All my songs are inspired by dreams, adventures through the space, travels to the sun and aquatic safaris.” A statement we can totally understand after listening to his galactic music.

Light and Glow is a pretty lyrical and metaphorical record which makes you feel like dreaming and floating away. The eight tracks nourish on futuristic space sounds, restrained e-guitars and LOS JARDINES DE BRUSELAS slightly alienated-but pretty soothing-voice and they remind you of dreampop artists as MGMT or EMPIRE OF THE SUN.

Aurora borealis – the first track on Light and Glow-begins with a woman’s voice which sounds like an announcement at the airport – most likely something in Spanish. The restrained e-guitars maintain De La Parra’s reverberant voice which whispers the lyrics a bit inapprehensible. But this doesn’t matter because you don’t have to understand the lyrics – you can image what the song is about. Me And The Animals – a duet with the Argentinean singer and songwriter Paula Garcia alias SOBRENADAR – seems to be perfect. The two voices complete each other – both are breathy and watery. Animal noises – for example a cock which caws – replenish the song and the lyrics: “I’m so tired of people /I’d prefer to be surrounded by the ghosts / I’m so tired of people  /I’d prefer to be singing with the animals” are thought-provoking. You can hear kids dearly laughing in Butterflies and you have to smile benignly – you simply have to! The next two tracks – Sleeping In Alaska and Eskimo (The Rituals) – broach the issue of coldness and loneliness and feature spacy sounds – for instance underwater bubble noises. And then there is the last one called My Years – a track which definitely comes from another world.

LOS JARDINES DE BRUSELAS‘ second record is an album which you can listen to the whole day, no matter if you are taking a walk, lying in your bed or talking to somebody. It is always time to dream away and Light and Glow really animates you to do exactly this.


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from Beunos Aires, Argentina

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