This Town Needs Guns 2012

When the British math rock band THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS released their debut album Animals in 2008 they revolutionized the math rock scene and brought it to the next level. Although THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS made huge steps as a band they never managed to get as big as FOALS, who clearly seem to be influenced by the band’s debut album Animals, too. But why is it like that? Maybe 2008 simply wasn’t the time to get really huge with music like this. Maybe the time simply wasn’t right. But now, in early 2013, THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS are back with their new album titled What these numbers might mean, what the code stands for an where the album might bring the band to… And isn’t it complex rock music that we are into now and then? Isn’t it the mathematics that make rock music special?

this town needs guns - - album cover


1. Cat Fantastic
2. Havoc In The Forum
3. Left Aligned
4. In The Branches Of Yggdrasil
5. I’ll Take The Minute Snake
6. 2 Birds, 1 Stone And An Empty Stpmach
7. Nice Riff, Clichard
8. Triptych
9. Pygmy Polygamy
10. A Different Kind Of Trail (small)
11. +3 Awesomeness Repels Water

First of all shows that the band not just released a new album with new songs, but made a huge step forward and developed their style and became even more unique than ever before. Sounds that will make your legs swing, no matter if you want them to swing or not. You will start to dance within seconds, just because these melodies and beats will embrace you. Twelve songs that couldn’t be more beautiful and more enchanting. Music from another dimension. Like the debut album, debut album Animals (2008), also is music from the future, but this time the world should be ready to understand these guys tunes better. If a) number 13 stands for the year 2013, then means that THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS have released no new album in the past four years. And b) stands for the clear superioity the band has over other bands in their genre. Of course music is not football, but if it would be, THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS would win with at least 13 goals, while the contrahents still have scored no goals. But c) maybe does also stand for the new system version THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS have launched. This would explain the album’s last song title,, which could be just another minor update of the system. is the strongest album by this band and we have no idea how they could improve this system again…but they surely will…in some years. Until then this one is the best choice when it comes to complex rock music.

Years of waiting for new stuff by the math rockers were worth waiting, because they managed to write and record an album that will last for at least another five years – and probably even longer. Be embraced by THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS‘s new masterpiece Stream the album below, dance as hard as you can and take care that you won’t lose your legs…



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