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Daily Tune

— 18/05/2021

One of our favourite duo from Amsterdam reports back with a new single. Feng Suave’s mellow Tomb For Rockets is the perfect mixture of groovy guitar riffs and retro psychedelic-soul influences to ring in sunnier times. It follows the band’s 2020 EP Warping Youth. Feng Suave take their signature laid-back hazy-summer vibe a step further by incorporating background vocals reminiscent of soul classics. Unhurried bassline and airy guitar melodies give the track a soothing quality. Tomb For Rockets invites to lay back, put on sunglasses, and let the hours pass by on a sunny balcony. Even though the band say they had a hard time finding it – they struck the balance between laidback without sounding uninspired with ease.


“Without Fear of Failure”: Introducing Alternative RnB Artist Mulay

Five months into 2021 and we caught up with one of our artists to watch this year. The Berlin-based singer Mulay released her anticipated debut "ANTRACYTE". Somewhere between alternative RnB and contemporary pop, she continues to shape her own musical niche. We caught up with the artist to talk about the release and where else 2021 might take her.
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