NBHAP-Clips-2012_Part Two

Time for round two in our little audiovisual recap of the music video year 2012. In our first part we already presented you a fine selection of clips you should have seen before this year ends. Songs about love, friendship, weird family structures, abstract images and a lot of sex and crime. Or at least a bit of everything. Our second round continues this wide range of topics featuring ten more fascinating music videos that made a certain impact on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in the past twelve months. Again, this is not a straight best-of-list, it’s just ten clips we think you should have seen too. If we missed anything essential feel invited to leave a comment below. But for now – enjoy the show.



The harshest form of desperation does not automaticly leads toward suicide – or maybe it does? The indie rockers keep the answer open, the mood of the whole clip is still very fascinating.


M.I.A.Bad Girls

A clip everyone talked about – the reason is obvious. The controversal singer mixes feminism and popcultural symbols with – at least for western society – foreign culture in a way it makes this video clip just to enjoyable.



If Wayne Coyne of THE FLAMING LIPS directs a video clip weirdeness is not an option, it’s a concept. And if the extroverted AMANDA PALMER makes out with a real-life female porn star it makes it even more sexier than it already was.



According to director Saman Keshavarz this is “a demented workout video.” Well, and in combination with the hard french house beats of the producer this marks an obscure portrait of the western society’s addiction to unhealthy food too.



Not only has he been one of the most talked about musicians of the past year, the American R&B shootingstar he’s also the protagonist of this slick eight-minute movie. If features a motorbike, a stripclub and various bizarre visual effects.


TODD TERJEInspector Norse

“The clip follows Inspector Norse, the real life internet alias of Marius Solem Johanson, who has a penchant for dancing and drugs.” We’ve got nothing to add to the official explanation except that this is one of this year’s most feel good videos.


GET WELL SOONRoland, I Feel You

If a song is already dedicated to famous Hollywood blockbuster director Roland Emmerich, we shouldn’t be surprised of Konstantin Gropper’s cineastic passion – this clip got everything: Cowboys, princesses, mysterious magicians and a huge monster.



We can only assume the real (and probably quite low) costs of this clip – as it looks like old found footage from 1995. Exactly this fact defines the video’s charm.


WASHED OUTFlower Anthem

It’s an ode to simplicity. The chillwave project of Ernest Greene performs three acoustic songs while a lovely girl some sort of decorates herself. Nothing less and – thank god – nothing more. Anything else would ruin the true beauty of this entirely.



We finish our little video recap with probably the best one of it all – at least it left us most stunning as we watched it. Orchestral – almost movie-score like – pop meets impressive images of a little boy fighting his own demons. Director and musician Yoann Lemoine got his own handwriting which makes basicly every video clip by him high recommendable.


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