ANIMAL COLLECTIVE present the music video for Today’s Supernatural from their forthcoming album Centipede Hz that will be released on the 4th September. The American music group describes their music as a combination of “a love of sonic free form electronic horror gospel hip hop soul pop madness”. So much for that.
We really don’t know what to say, except that this is definitely supernatural. A song that sounds like the video looks like – and we truly have not a hunch of what is going on there. Singer David Portner is painted and dressed as a creepy clown. There is a heap of – well, it looks like guts – and an object that looks like these disguises that are worn at some Chinese festivities. Last but not least, this thing gets chased and beaten by David’s arms. His scratchy voice blows out to crazy electronic and synth beats. Crazy stuff! If you are into creativity and strangeness you should check this one out.


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experimental / electro / rock
from Baltimore, USA


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