Chk Chk Chk - ThrillerAmerican dance-punk collective !!! (pronounced CHK-CHK-CHK) report back with the announcement of their fifth studio album. Creatively named THR!!!ER, the follow-up to 2011s Strange Weather, Isn’t It? will be out on April 30 in the U.S. and April 29 in the UK via Warp Records. Guitarist Mario Andreoni on the influences of the new longplayer: “Over the course of many long van rides and post-coffee verbal riff sessions, Thriller didn’t merely come to represent the selling of a lot of records…it became synonymous with an artist(s)’ and/or genre(s)’ artistic high-watermark.” Looks like be can expect a colourful selection on the new !!! record. Check out the tracklist and a little teaser trailer right now.

01. Even When the Water’s Cold
02. Get That Rhythm Right
03. One Girl/One Boy
04. Fine Fine Fine
05. Slyd
06. Californiyeah
07. Except Death
08. Careful
09. Station (Meet Me at The)



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