Apparat - Krieg und FriedenSascha Ring, the mastermind behind electronica alter ego APPARAT is back with a brand new project. Krieg Und Frieden (Music For Theatre) is an album which Ring recorded for a new theatre production of the legendary play War And Peace by Leo Tolstoi done by Sebastian Hartman. APPARAT created the score for this new stage play – and these sounds will be released on February 15 via Mute Records. A very special experience for Ring but one he clearly enjoys as he says about the new album: “It’s the first record ever that didn’t hurt at some point. It’s full of imperfection because it was made by humans. We went to the studio and made a bit of a weird record with not many beats and lots of drones. I hope you like it.” We sure do and even better – APPARAT is already sharing a first piece from the score today. Download the haunting A Violent Sky immediately.



electro / experimental
from Berlin, Germany

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