WORK DRUGS say their music is made specifically for dancing, boating, yachting, sexting, and living. Whatever you prefer, you should listen to them anyways. Their latest output is a BON IVER remix of the song Beth / Rest by the folk band of singer and songwriter Justin Vernon. To produce it, the band traveled to a small cabin in a densely wooded area of the Poconos – a popular vacation area located in northeastern Pennsylvania – to find inspiration for the remix challenge. The remix was crafted with an outdated version of Windows Sound Recorder, which fits perfectly the whole 80s outfit this song comes along with. Featuring typical 80s guitar sounds, it feels like a musical flash back in time. The mix has an even more positive atmosphere than the original, being very beautiful and soothing, almost magical and somehow peaceful.

The video is kind of a bit cheesy, but if you love the 80s, it’ll will make you very happy! Made of sequences of the 80s cult movie Karate Kid and some typical 80s music video excerpts, this one emphasizes the mood of the song perfectly. They really succeeded in living up to this famous decade!


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sedative wave / smooth-fi
from Philadelphia, USA


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