Borko - Born To Be Free

Photo by Jonatan Gretarsson

Who would have thought that the music world could ever get invaded by a bearded icelandic music teacher at an elementary school in Reykjavik? BORKO alias Björn Kristjánsson and his first album Celebrating Life (via Morr Music and Kimi Records 2008) showed that this is nothing of the impossible. His like childish fun appearing bland of postrock, electropop and indie features may remind the one or the other of us of other famous groups from the icy island like MÚM or SIGUR RÓS. BORKO, although, finds his own path experimenting with synthesized and computer animated music, yet somehow always coming back to genuine sounding music with a good portion of heart, ridiculousness and beauty. These tunes simply bring joy anywhere people can hear them! If the new album Born to be Free – which has been released by Kimi Records and their sublable Sound Of A Handshake on November 2nd – is just as catchy and charming as the first, or even better, everybody should check out for himself! For everyone else who has just become curious check out the video for the title track of BORKO‘s new record.


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experimental / folk / post-rock
from Reykjavik, Iceland


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