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CA SMITH – that is Christian Anderson (C.A.) Smith, Canadian multi instrumentalist and singer songwriter, based in London – looks like the right guy to mix some good old 60s folk with acoustic surfer rock. Dang, that sound pretty rad, doesn’t it? But who is this bearded hippie-like type of dude that looks as if he’s lived forever, but that we have just recently stumbled upon? Well, C.A. has actually been pretty hard working and talented at the same time – so possessing the necessary potential to make it in the business. His reputation led to him opening up for acts such as FEIST, DANIEL JOHNSTON, and more. Beyond his hard work, the real achievement for C.A. has been his songs. His 3rd album Someone You Love is to be released on December 3rd, 2012 in the UK. The 14 track album by the London based artist is to set sails into a new musical direction. Since most of you might have not heard about his previous stuff before, it’s probably more interesting to note that the songs on this album are mostly about his experiences with addiction and depression. And even though we don’t wanna be misunderstood by our liability to lyrics dealing with heavy topics, we can’t deny some subliminal morbidity in our minds and hearts. Thus stories about trials with death, alcohol abuse, depression as well as the salvation and resurgence from them always sound like a thing worth listening to. To get an impression of the manifold character of this musician, listen to his song Time and watch the video below – one that we enjoy for its beauty and silliness, with a donkey being my personal highlight of it:


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from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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