cody - 2013 - album cover


1. Disharmony
2. Grey Birds
3. Mirror
4. Caroline
5. August
6. Fractured
7. Close The Door
8. Cellar
9. Rockey Mountains
10. Fortælling
11. The Ghost Of Today
12. Go Home

It has been said before, but can’t be stressed enough: the Danish music scene is extraordinarily fascinating. With some of our favorite acts originating from this small habitat, one has to wonder if there is some kind of magic force around there, that inspires bands from EFTERKLANG to WHOMADEWHO or gave birth to famous acts like TRENTEMØLLER. Apart from those, it seems that there still is room for a genuine and colourful scene outside of the electronic-arena. The alternative-country-formation CODY (Come On Die Young) is one prominent example for this thriving scene.

Founded in 2004 by Songwriter Kaspar Kaae and his mate Moogie Johnson, the troup grew constantly over the years, gathering seven people nowadays. A very nice circumstance for their music, for it relies heavily on wide arrangements combinded with a charming analogue sound. Their 2009 debut, Songs, already led to quite enthusiastic reactions in their homeland and furthermore enabled CODY to support big names like BAND OF HORSES, BONNIE PRINCE BILLY and THE NATIONAL. With Fractures they now are ready to take the next step and – indeed – it is an impressive musical statement.

The opener Disharmony contradicts his title by introducing dreamy strings and a warm acoustic, before Kaae settles in with his comforting lines: “I’ve come to see, how you’ll sleep this time / from graceful sheets into the streetfight”. From here on CODY establish their progressive folk sound, including build-ups and choirs as though the FLEET FOXES‘ studio would have been right around the corner. This steady and clever way of songwriting culminates in the excellent Mirrors, which is stepping softly forward in a pulsating beat releasing a catchy chorus with Kaae stating “I broke every mirror just to show that I was a man” in a manner, that is nothing less but first-class appropiate lyric-presentation.

It is this song in special that makes Fractures a real listening pleasure but there are a lot more to find that are giving all band members and instruments the room they deserve. This sensitivity for space and melody enables CODY to present their laid-back folk-rockers in series, prooving them to be a very gifted band with a bright future. We got the entire album streaming right here, so you can convince yourself. Lay back and let yourself get carried away.

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