Crystal Fighters and Feed Me - Love Is All I GotA week ago reported about a really interesting collaboration between multicultural indie pop group CRYSTAL FIGHTERS and the British high-end dance- and dubstep producer FEED ME. Together these people produced a track entitled Love Is All I Got which basicly takes the best of both worlds and combines it to one fancy over-the-top pop song. It’s actually no surprise since the CRYSTAL FIGHTERS were always interested in combining their folky indie side with a heavier, sometimes dubstep-influenced electronic side. Perfect match as we think. And the group recently announced that we can expect a follow-up to their criticly acclaimed 2010 debut Star of Love within the next months. Now the collaboration comes with a really great new music video featuring the always enjoyable topic of superheroes and the difficult way of becoming one of them. Enjoy it right here.


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indie / pop / electro
from London, United Kingdom


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