Philadelphia-based producer and DJ Thomas Wesley Pentz, alias DIPLO, is a busy man. Besides his alter ego DIPLO, he’s running a dancehall project named MAJOR LAZER and recently released the music video for Get Free. He produces a wild mixture electro, psychedelic and reggae music. But he’s always good for a surprise we didn’t expect from him – his new single About That Life goes into some hippie-psychedelic direction. Who saw this coming?
The single features the vocals of JAHAN LENNON, former member of PO PO. Not only is the sound very psychedelic also the video shows some mind-blowing imagery – kaleidoscope views, American flags, sun streaks and a lot of love and peace. As we already said – not quite the tough electro beats that we are used to by DIPLO, but still very interesting and worth-seeing.


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electro / hiphop
from Philadelphia, USA


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