Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

The Brooklyn-based band DIRTY PROJECTORS presents the music video for their single About To Die. The clip features some imagery from the band’s film Hi Custodian, which premiered two weeks ago. You could take a look at the film Hi Custodian here.
The DIRTY PROJECTORS are known for their unusual music style. Sometimes it gets titled as avantpop, weird folk or simply as indie rock. Sudden changes in speed, combination of different musical styles and instruments are normal. The single About To Die represents this great chaotic arrangement and is really fun listening, because you get surprised every second. The track starts with interesting sounding drums, then a guitar, hand-clapping, then the beat stops and only singer David Longstreth’s voice rings out. The full sound gets interrupted by an sudden arrangement of strings. Absolutely great. Don’t miss this awesome musical experience!

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pop / folk / indie / experimental
from Brooklyn/NY, USA


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