Climate changes, we’re running out of oil and deplete the soil we are living from. Yes we all know that and only the most ignorant of us still proclaim this is all scare stories of Greenpeace. But what has changed in the last few decades? Sure, I am aware of it. But I’m still driving alone in my old car long distances, burning ridiculous amounts of fuel, because it is comfortable. I still have the prehistoric energy wasting light bulbs because the light is nicer. And I still spend my money rather on iPhones than on projects saving our planet, because it is more fun. The little man in my head, responsibility for excuses, says that the planet’s troubles are so huge that I alone cannot change anything.

Well the movie called HOME even strengthened that feeling first. In impressive pictures, mostly from bird’s eye view, the story of our nature is told from where plants started to grow to the rapid exhaustion in the last few decades – by industry and our ever growing demand for more. Was my little man proven right? Yes and no. The movie also makes a point what is already done and what can be approaches to save us from the ultimate catastrophe. But time is running out. Fast. So please take 90 minutes and dive into this movie, see with new eyes what you thought you know and why excuses are no longer acceptable.

follow this link to watch HOME