American lo-fi electronic project ELITE GYMNASTICS presents a brand new track entitled Andreja 4-Ever. It’s the first tune that James Brooks releases as solo artist – his companion Josh Clancy left the project a month ago. A departure that comes in a interesting time for Brooks since the group was about to tour with experimental pop singer GRIMES and received positive feedback to their Ruin EP-series last year. But Brooks is willing to carry the group on in form of a solo project. Tough challenge but we’re really looking forward to new material from this man since we already loved the exciting mixture of synthgaze, old school rave and jungle beats in a lo-fi conext. The musician already confirmed the work on a new record. The latest single – an oder to feminism as Brooks stated – keeps things slower with a beautiful retrosesque summer vibe. Download the track for free here and stream it right now.


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experimental / electro
from New York, United States


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